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IMSA opposes bill H.R. 6408 and S. 4136

IMSA joins 134 advocacy and community organizations urging the U.S. Senate to reject bill H.R. 6408 and S. 4136 that would undermine the fundamental rights of the American people by granting a single federal official the ability to declare that they are “terrorist supporting organizations.” This proposal lacks sufficient accountability measures and opens the door to potential abuse, especially given the current climate of increased politicization and polarization within the U.S. government.

“We draw attention to recent incidents where state governors and entities such as state and private universities, with vocal support from some members of Congress, have attempted to revoke the status or ban student-led chapters of Jewish and Palestinian groups organizing in support of Palestinian human rights. These actions underscore the danger of unchecked authority that could be wielded by an administration that does not respect the Bill of Rights to stifle free speech and legitimate advocacy efforts to petition the government.

“Furthermore, this act seems to be motivated by an anti-Palestinian bias aimed at stifling voices advocating for Palestinian human rights, especially in light of Israel’s deadly invasion of Gaza, resulting in over 34,000 civilian deaths and nearly 80,000 injuries. While this may be the primary concern for lawmakers backing this act, if it becomes law, it could be exploited by a hostile presidential administration to target organizations for political reasons, irrespective of their ideological stance.”

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