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IMSA Peduli Foundation Delivered Donations

On Saturday (16/4), the second week of Ramadan, IMSA Peduli Foundation delivered donations in the form of Sembako packages and financial donation to teachers at Pre-K and Kindergarten Islamic schools in Kecamatan Pancoran Mas and Kecamatan Limo.

The head of the IMSA Peduli, Chaeri Achmad, said that the provision is important for the teachers to continue their duties with limited resources. It’s also a form of appreciation for all their sacrifices in educating children in the community. The head of BMT Huwaiza who helped with the aid distribution, Namah Purnama, said she was grateful for the help and cooperation from IMSA.

IMSA would like to thank all the donors and pray that Allah SWT accepts and reward you with goodness. To support this work further, please visit and donate at

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