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Deliver your good deed today and make impact to society

Infaq & Shadaqah

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Infaq & Shadaqah with IMSA

Infaq is a voluntary almsgiving and mostly formed in cash. Shadaqah has wider definition as almsgiving, not only tangible but also intangible form. We can perform our infaq and shadaqah every time, even our smile is shadaqah. Through IMSA, your infaq and shadaqah are distributed to people in need.


1. General donation​
You can give infaq for general purposes and IMSA will deliver it to variety of programs

2. Sedekah Jum'at / Virtue of Friday
Ease your good deed every Friday with IMSA

“Giving charity of Friday with regard to the rest of the week is the best day to do so. This is similar to the superiority of giving charity during Ramadhan with regard to the rest of the months.”

(Ibnul Qoyyim Al Jauziyyah)

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