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Arabic Classes

Assurance regarding the maintenance of the Qur'an is a necessity for Allah.


BARIS (which is a word play for ‘Arabic IMSA’) is a particular program for sisters that began in 2019. This program teaches grammar (nahwu) and conjugation of words (sarf) in Modern Standard Arabic that play an important role in understanding the Quran and Hadith. BARIS program is taught by Ustadz Abu Muhammad, an Arabic teacher at the Tunas Ilmu Islamic Boarding School, Purbalingga, Central Java.


TAFHAM (which literally means ‘you understand’) is a general Arabic program that started in 2020. This program focuses on daily conversation (hiwar) as a starting point for understanding the Quran and Hadith. The TAFHAM program is taught by Ustadz Taufik Hamim, Lc., M.A, who is the General Chairman of the Muntada Ahlil Quran Foundation and Chairman of the Al Siddiq International Foundation in Indonesia.

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