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The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Verily, Allah is generous, and He loves generosity and exalted character.”

  • Are donations to IMSA tax deductible?
    Yes, but only in the United States for now. Our EIN is 20-2812511
  • Can I donate by check, zelle, paypal, or other methods?
    Yes. Zelle & Paypal Send to *Please indicate donation purpose in the memo line of your check, Zelle or Paypal notes along with your name, email, phone number Check Please make the check payable to IMSA and mail it to the following address: Dewi Rosdiana 42 S Acton Rd Stow, MA 01775
  • Can I donate via wire transfer?
    Yes, our IMSACare Account #: 435040805005 with Bank of America If you're sending from within the U.S., please use this routing #: 051000017 If you're sending from outside the U.S., please use this routing #: 026009593 and SWIFT code BOFAUS3N
  • Where do you distribute the zakat funds?
    Indonesia, US, Canada, and other countries that need urgent humanitarian relief
  • When will you distribute the zakat?
    Zakat al-Fitr is distributed during Ramadan before the Eid prayer and Zakat al-Maal is distributed all year round based on rank and emergency.
  • How do I calculate my zakat?
    Click here to Calculate your Zakat.
  • When will I get my tax receipt?
    We send the receipt at the end of the month of your donation and in January for the entire of your donation from the previous year
  • I have another question not listed here
    Please contact us at:
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