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We strive to grow as individuals and as an organization spiritually, intellectually, and quantitatively

IMSA Sister Dept.

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IMSA and IMSIS (IMSA Sisters) are two entities inseparably joined at the hip. While IMSA manages general aspects of Indonesian muslim community in the US, The Department of IMSA Sisters specifically deals with topics surrounding women, be it family, health, and others. It started as a platform of sisterhood between Indonesian muslimah diaspora in the US and Canada through the sharing of information and creativity. It further developed into a safe space for these sisters to support each other in a land far away from home.  


This year’s motto is ‘Bekerja dengan Cinta’ or ‘Working with Love’. It embodies the ethos of IMSA Sisters which is to best serve the community with wholehearted professionalism.   


Sub-directories of IMSA Sisters (IMSIS) can be found below: 

  • Women’s Empowerment

    • Actualization and Self Development

    • Entrepreneurship 

    • Women Support Group

  • Parenting and Family Health

    • Parenting 

      • Parenting Children

      • Parenting Children with Special Needs

      • Parenting Adolescents 

    • Family Health

      • General Health

      • Family Health

  • Women Creativity Club

    • Baking Club (Join WhatsApp Group)

    • Home and Gardening Club (Join WhatsApp Group)

    • Writing Club (Join FB Group)

    • Food Photography Club

    • Traveling Club

    • Art Club

  • Young Women’s Network

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