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The mission of IMSA Students is to assist Indonesian Muslim graduate students and their families in North America in pursuing to enhance its intellectual and spiritual capacity for the merit of Indonesian students at large, both in North America and Indonesia.

IMSA Student Dept.

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The objectives of IMSA Students are:

  1. To connect with fellow international graduate students both for social and professional benefits.

  2. To smoothen the transition to living as Muslim in the West, to preserve the faith during our time in the U.S.

  3. To make the American education experience transformative not only intellectually-professionally but also religiously-spiritually

  4. To encourage more Indonesian Muslim students to pursue graduate education in the U.S.

  5. As a forum for students’ spouses

  6. To develop and strengthen the network among IMSA, IMSA Alumni, and Indonesian academics in Indonesia and the U.S.

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