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Our works are based on and guided by our values. Development DepartmentWe strive to grow as individuals and as an organization spiritually, intellectually, and quantitatively

IMSA Youth Dept.

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About Us
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IMSA Youth’s goal is to provide for the Indonesian Muslim Youth across the United States with social, spiritual, and educational events and skill-building opportunities. We promote community and identity through shared experiences and by showcasing youth talent and skills.

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Ongoing Submissions & Programs:

1. Book Club

The long-awaited IMSA Book Club is finally up and running! We invite you to read and share your thoughts with other fellow IMSA readers in a fun and engaging conversation, Insha Allah.
Our selected book title of the month (Jun-Jul 2022): Atomic Habits by James Clear. 
Happy reading! 

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Book Club

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2. OWOJ (One Week One Juz)

Each week we host a group Quran recitation where we read a Juz together and then discuss the lessons we can learn from the section. Feel free to just listen in as well!

3. Mentorship and Advising Program:

This is a great program to mentor and empower our younger youth. One-on-one sessions and creating a sense of community will allow us to create new connections for our upcoming generations.


If you're interested in becoming either a mentor or a mentee, you can sign up here:

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Spotlighting You(th)

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4. Youth Spotlight:

If you know someone or are someone that's willing to share your achievements, talents, or interests, we'd love to hear from you! This is open to all youth and young adults.

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