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Orphan Support Programs

Help orphans seize the opportunity for better education and better life.

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Orphan Support Programs with IMSA

Indonesia had its worst COVID-19 outbreak in August 2021. It recorded more than 100,000 deaths as Delta variant gripped the nation. Many children lost their parents who were also the breadwinners of the families. Some others are struggling to live as the pandemic direly affected their family finances. 

In 2021, there were approximately 28,000 orphans in Indonesia. They need assistance to fulfill their daily needs and reach their goals in education. Together, help us support vulnerable children by sponsoring our programs below.


There are currently 22 orphans living under the support of IMSA Care in Depok, West Java. They are students in elementary, middle, and high school levels whose families were impacted by COVID-19. 


IMSA Care offers two types of programs:

1. Support An Orphan

In this program, you will cover the tuition fee of ONE orphan. Report card of the child will be sent to you regularly. Additional donation such as presents and other aids for the child is welcome. 

Junior high school

Senior high school

Elementary school

2. General donation for orphans

The donation received will be distributed to support orphans' basic needs. There is no specific amount of donation required. You can inform IMSACare team if you have specific donation requests.

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