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Make a positive impact on society through meaningful programs.

Outreach Dept.

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Who We Are

IMSA Outreach aims to provide services that will reach the wider community through beneficial programs and collaboration with our partners.
• Vision: Make a positive impact on society through meaningful programs.
• Mission: Engage, inspire, and empower society internally and externally through partnership and collaborations.

What We Do

We have six sub-departments that provide various services.

1. IMSA Profesional

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Aims to develop professional capacities within IMSA and the Indonesian Muslim community at large.

Currently, the IMSA Professional team focuses on four activities

a. Professional Development: to develop professional and management skills of IMSA professionals that will improve their work performances.

b. Professional Research: to conduct research and studies in accordance with the interest and expertise of IMSA professionals and report the results in papers or articles.

c. Professional Talk: to provide a platform for IMSA professionals to actualize and introduce themselves to the public.

d. Professional Network:  to build a network among IMSA professionals that will connect members with similar interests and expertise.

To join IMSA Professional Network, please register in:

Professional Database

Professional Network

2. IMSA Entrepreneurship

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Aims to develop entrepreneurial skills among IMSA members and Indonesian communities in the US through workshops, mentoring, sharing information, and networking with entrepreneurs/ investors in America and Indonesia.

3. IMSA External Relations

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Aims to build cooperation and strategic partnership with various organizations and individuals to achieve our common goals

Some of our partners that we have been working together with are as follows:

  • Representatives of Indonesian Government: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the United States (KBRI), and Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI)

  • Indonesian-based Islamic Organization: NU, Muhammadiyah, ICMI, Nusantara Foundation

  • US-based Islamic Organization: ICNA, MAS, Yaqeen Institute

  • Relief Organization: Human Initiative, Rumah Zakat, Dompet Dhuafa

  • Professional Organization: Pelita Desa, Sabeel Consultant, Family Youth Institute.

4. IMSA Social Club

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Aims to provide a place where people who share the same interests and hobbies can discuss and get together. Currently, we have IMSA Book Club and IMSA Cycling Club.

5. IMSA Islamic Event

Image by Rumman Amin

Aims to organize activities to celebrate Islamic events, such as Mawlid, Isra Miraj, Islamic New Year, etc.

6. IMSA Matrimonial

Image by Ratih Mandalawangi

Aims to help brothers/sisters to find their other half according to Islamic ethics and manners.


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