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A Young Girl and Her Kurban

Allaahu akbar allaahu akbar allaahu akbar. laa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu akbar.

Allaahu akbar wa lillaahilhamd

Echoes of Takbir were heard in the mosque that morning. The cool spring weather added to the atmosphere of Eid al-Fitr this year. Alhamdulillah, we could pray in congregations even though we had to keep wearing masks.

How longing it was to gather together on this day of Eid. After Eid's prayers, everyone looked reluctant to go home. They still wanted to talk and chat with friends who had been isolated from each other for almost two years due to the pandemic.

"Alhamdulillah, "I whispered to myself as I watched the happiness of my friends on that day of victory. My eyes then focused on a group of young girls gathered near me.

They talked happily with each other. It turned out that they were talking about the "Eid money" they got that day. Some wanted to buy a cellphone case, and some wanted to buy clothes, shoes, games, etc. But one girl said she wanted to donate to Kurban.

I felt surprised and amazed. Because of it, I began to listen intently to the conversations.

"This year, I'm just getting my period. If I do Kurban, then the reward is full for me. It will remove my sins, make a vehicle in heaven, and reward my parents for my good deed," the girl said.

"Kurban? Your parents have to pay for it. Our money is for buying other cool things we want," said her friend.

"My parents do Kurban every year. My brothers do Kurban with their own money every year, and I want to use my money this year too," the girl said again.

"Kurban is expensive. Do you have money?" asked another.

"Yeah, about $200. I pray to Allah that I will get money to buy Kurban this year. Alhamdulillah, I got $150 from four envelopes I received today. Hopefully, there will be a cheap goat that costs $150. And I also hope I can do Kurban every year," she added.

Hearing that, without my knowing, tears rolled down my eyes. Masya Allah, she is still very young, but she is already determined to do Kurban even though she has to give up her savings. She preferred to buy Kurban over other goods. Meanwhile, those of us who are adults and have our own income sometimes forget to save for Kurban.

I imagined if everyone with income saved their money for Kurban, many more people could receive the benefits of Kurban meat.

A month after the story, the young girl's dream will finally be a reality. One of the Kurban animals at IMSACare is priced at $143, and I immediately told the girl's parents.

"She plans to work to get another $50. Alhamdulillah, IMSACare has a sheep that cost $143," said her mother. "She has $150, so it is enough to pay for it. Please give the rest for sadaqa, Bu," she added as she handed over the Kurban money to me.

My chest almost burst with emotions. I almost couldn't hold tears that swelled up in my eyes when I accepted the money.

I prayed, "May your good deed by donating to Kurban would be accepted by Allah Al-Mighty, Oh beloved sholehah, and may Allah SWT give abundant reward to your parents for teaching their child to put Allah's commands ahead of her personal pleasures."

Dedeh Agustina

Maryland, June 2022

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