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Imagine an everlasting reward that you can earn for you and your family


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Waqf with IMSA

Waqf is a charitable endowment in Islamic law that gives you reward perpetually. It is considered as a form of social investment because it involves assets that will be organized to produce sustainable goodness. Some examples of waqf including waqf for mosque, water well, school, and so on.


1. Waqf of Al Quran

IMSA will deliver your waqf in form of Al Qur'an to be distributed to communities in rural areas in Indonesia.

2. Waqf of Water Well

Many rural areas in Indonesia have limited access to water sources. IMSA will provide water well to communities so they can use water for their daily need, such as drink, sanitation, and ablution.

3. Waqf for Mosque

The fund will be distributed to build mosques.

4. Waqf for Education Facilities

A number of school buildings and facilities in Indonesia are damaged. We need to help renovate it and provide better facilities.

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