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Sitting by Campfire

Reflecting on nature and our Creator

Welcome to YIL Islamic Summer Camp


Where Friends Become Family

Welcome Parents

Everything You Need to Know

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Healty & Safety

Paraglider with Gear

Healty & Safety

Preparing for Summer

There’s a few details to take care of before sending your child off to YIL Islamic Summer Camp. Please read all sections carefully to ensure everything goes smoothly.


  • Shirts must be worn at all times

  • Shorts should be Islamically appropriate

  • It follows Islamic guidelines if the shorts cover the knees even when the person is bending

  • Sleeping in underwear or boxers isn’t encouraged, pajamas are encouraged

  • Pants should cover undergarments at all times

  • Check that undergarments will not show while bending during salah

  • It is helpful if shirts are Islamically appropriate ○ Loose-fitting ○ Skin doesn’t show even when bending.

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  • A lot of people use camp as an opportunity to get used to wearing less makeup or no makeup - try it, you might surprise yourself :)

  • It might be nice to bring a sarung or something for prayer, especially if you want to cover your pajamas during salah

  • Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly!!

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Rules & Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

  • Communicate with others, especially volunteers, if you are straying from the group. Try to keep your phone with you in those cases, and try not to stray from the group alone. Keep safety in mind at all times.​

  • YIL camps are run by campers who have volunteered to take on extra work in order to make the camp happen. As such, other campers are responsible for making camp work as well. This means chores like cleaning up after yourself, helping with meals, etc.​​

  • Campers must practice proper conduct at all times, obeying all safety rules and regulations.

  • Camp pranks, gags, or youth-initiated activities which may result in the compromised safety or health of another individual, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., will not be tolerated.​

  • YIL has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, intimidation, persecution, or deliberate meanness to others. This behavior is adversative to the theme of the camp and the overall mission of YIL. The consequence of bullying is removal from the camp.

  • Campers should not smell offensive and should be appropriately attired for the day’s activities. If you are unsure of appropriate attire please consult a volunteer and the clothing suggestions for assistance before or/and during camp.​

  • Please be careful with your electronic devices. YIL is not responsible for any damage to your belongings. Recording or photographing others without their awareness and consent is strictly prohibited and can result in being sent home. Be mindful when you are changing and keep an eye out for anyone taking suspicious footage or pictures. Be sure to let YIL volunteers know if you feel any of this is going on.​

  • Non-purposeful, unsupervised, and/or excessive intermingling between genders does not align with Islamic values. All interaction between genders should be purposeful, public, and limited.​

  • No camper may possess any form of cutting instrument, unnecessary drugs (like cigarettes, marijuana, or pills that aren’t prescribed by a medical professional), flammable materials or use obscene language.​

  • Vandalism and damage to camp property and the property of others are prohibited.​

  • Campers are required to keep their cabin, self, and surroundings clean.​

  • Please leave valuable jewelry, or things of significant value at home, because YIL is not responsible for anything lost or damaged of that nature.​

  • If a camper continues to disobey camp rules or is found intentionally compromising the safety of another camper, the advisor will deal with the situation. Disciplinary action will be taken such as suspension of recreation time or notifying the parents of removal from camp.​

  • Campers will be campers. It should be understood that YIL serves the youth and is proud to work with such an enlightened and motivated group of individuals.



Getting to and from camp

Campers are expected to buy their own plane tickets. If they require transportation from the airport to the camp, then please book your flight to SEATAC in Seattle where we will have a bus taking everybody.

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Image by Aaron Barnaby


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There’s No Place Like Camp

We will have lots of activities planned from basketball and other sports to Islamic talks and a campfire. We plan to have activities that will not only be fun but also remind us of our faith and create a closer community. There will also be an entertaining night where we will host a talent show!

Other activities include:

  • Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Group Party Games

  • Team Building Exercises

  • River Exploration

  • Islamic Talks

  • Bonfire

  • Water Balloon Fights

  • Yoga

  • Hikes

  • Many More

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