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Pay your Zakat through IMSA to support various empowerment programs


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Zakat with IMSA

Zakat is an obligatory almsgiving for Muslims who have reached certain amount of wealth. As mentioned in the Qur'an, Zakat is ranked after prayer. The meaning of Zakat is 'to cleanse', which is believed that paying zakat purifies, blesses, and increases the remainder of our wealth.

Types of Zakat

1. Zakat al-Fitr​

Required for all Muslims
Paid at the end of Ramadhan month

2. Zakat al-Maal

Required to pay annually on wealth, including currency, gold, silver, and property
The calculation is 2.5% of net wealth in a year

Distribution of Zakat

Based on Surah At-Taubah verse 60, Zakat is distributed to 8 asnaf.

“Zakat is for the poor and the needy, and amil (those employed to administer the funds), for the muallaf (those who have embraced Islam), for those in bondage and in debt, those who strive in the cause of Allah and for the wayfarer; (thus it is) ordained by Allah and Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.”


IMSA Care delivers your Zakat through 2 schemes:

1. Directly to beneficiaries in the U.S., Canada, and Indonesia
2. Work with trusted nonprofit and zakat institutions in Indonesia

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