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FAQ Kurban IMSACare 2023

1. Can I insert the name of Mudhohi (the person who performs Kurban)?

Yes, please mention the name of Mudhohi in the note box on the payment page. You may insert ONE name for each goat/sheep or 1/7cow, and SEVEN names for one cow.

2. I don't have enough money to perform Kurban this year, can I buy a goat/ sheep as a group?

Sure! You can give shadaqah in any amount, and we will combine it with other donations. Please make payment through Zelle or Paypal and mention "Meat for Eid''. The total amount of shadaqah collected will be used to buy goats/sheep. This group of donors will be noted as "Mudhohi IMSACare."

3. Can I pay by Zelle or Paypal?

Yes, Zelle and Paypal can be sent to

Please indicate the donation purpose as "Kurban" in the note line of your Zelle or Paypal. Send your payment confirmation along with the name of the person who performs Kurban to

4. Can I pay by check?

Unfortunately, we do not accept checks for Kurban this year.

5. When will the last day to perform Kurban through IMSACare be?

IMSACare will accept your Kurban until 9th Dhulhijjah 1444 H or the Arafah day.

6. When will the slaughtering process be done?

The sacrificed animals will be slaughtered from 10th - 13th Dhulhijjah 1444 H.

7. Where will the Kurban be distributed in Indonesia?

The Kurban meat will be distributed to underprivileged communities in rural areas in Indonesia.

8. Where will the Kurban be distributed abroad?

It will be distributed to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemeni refugees.

9. When will I receive the report from my Kurban?

We will send the report of your Kurban through email as soon as possible after the distribution process is done or a maximum of one month after Eid al Adha.

10. Can I make Kurban on behalf of my parents/ relatives who have passed away?

Yes. It is permissible for the Kurban to be done on behalf of someone who has passed away.

11. Can I perform Kurban with more than one goat/sheep/cow?

Sure, it is narrated that “The Prophet offered as sacrifices, two horned rams, black and white in color. He slaughtered them with his own hands and mentioned Allah's name over them and said Takbir and put his foot on their sides.” (H.R. Bukhari)".

For further inquiries, please send your questions to

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