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Perform your kurban this year through IMSACare


Kurban for Happiness

‘The Prophet (saw) sacrificed for the one who could not sacrifice from his ummah, one who bore witness to the Oneness of Allah and [his] Prophethood’. (Tabarani and Ahmad)

Kurban (also known as Qurban and Udhiya) is the practice of sacrificing livestock (goat/sheep/cow) for the sake of Allah SWT. It was first performed by Prophet Ibrahim (as) as the proof of his obedience to Allah SWT.

To commemorate this humble act of complete devotion, Muslims around the world make sacrifices during Eid al Adha celebrations that take place from the 10th to the 13th of Dhul Hijjah. This year, Eid al Adha will be held from the 9th to the 12th of July 2022.

Since 2000, the Indonesian Muslim Society in America (IMSA) has organized and distributed Kurban, benefiting many needy families in Indonesia and some other countries.

This year, we will help you (the mudhohi) to share the joy of Eid by delivering fresh or cooked meat (in the form of 'rendang', a special Indonesian dish) to underprivileged families who can’t afford the luxury of buying meat for themselves.

Let’s be part of this humanitarian project and aspire to gain taqwa as Prophet Ibrahim did. 

Kurban with IMSACare

Your Kurban Journey


1. Choose

Select your type of kurban

(goat / sheep, 1/7 cow, or cow) and choose the quantity


2. Pay

Insert mudhohi's name in the note box, fill out the information section, pay with Credit Card or Bank Account


3. Distribute

We'll organize the process of slaughtering & distribution to beneficiaries


4. Report

Get your complete 

kurban report

Kurban 2022 / 1443 H

Goat/Sheep - Standard

$143 (+/- 23 kg)

Meat for Eid

Donate any amount of Dollars

We will collect the donation and buy a goat/sheep as a group

Goat/Sheep - Medium

$171 (+/- 30 kg)

or Rendang $300

1/7 Cow

$215 (+/- 250 kg)

or Rendang $357

Goat/Sheep - Premium

$275 (+/- 35 kg)


$1,502 (+/- 250 kg)

or Rendang $2,499


Advantages of Kurban with IMSACare

Qualified beneficiaries

Your Kurban meat will be distributed to underprivileged communities, especially in suburbs and rural areas.

Easy to choose & pay

Handled with care

We have a variety of Kurban types in terms of weight and package (raw/rendang) along with easy payment methods.

We strive to give you the best service and make sure that you'll get your Kurban report promptly.


Your kurban will be distributed to people in need in Indonesia and the United States.


What Our Mudhohi Say

"IMSACare is our first choice to deliver our kurban"

Feraliza Gitosaputro

"Thank you, IMSA Care. The process was so easy and convenient"

Ikhsan Darmawan

"I trust IMSA Care to deliver my qurban to the poor/ needy in Indonesia according to Islamic rules"

Budi Setiadi

"We felt content with the report of our kurban"

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