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IMSA regular members are residents of the United States or Canada of ages 18 years or older who 

* Support the Mission, Values, Goals, Programs, and Activities of IMSA

* Complete the membership application form below

* Have their application approved by IMSA Board of Trustees. 

Membership rules and rights are prescribed by IMSA Board of Trustees, including but not limited to:

* Regular Members in good standing for at least 2 years are eligible to vote in IMSA election. Voting privileges of previously offered lifetime members are preserved without the need for two year waiting period

* Regular Members are eligible to participate in certain IMSA Programs for free

* Regular Members are eligible to register early for Muktamar with discounted fees

  • Best Value

    General Member

    Every year
  • General Member

    Every month
  • Student Member

    Every year
  • Student Member

    Every month
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